Where do the toxins go?

If you are a person who is lean and doesn't really have much fat for a toxin to store these un-escapable monsters then, they could start to grow tumors and cysts to store them. This may be able to explain something like polycystic ovarian syndrome, however, many factors play a role in this syndrome.

Your liver and uterus are two things that must be cleansed and detoxed in order to get your hormones started up again, however, we are taking steps to cleansing and detoxing and we can't go right into doing this. You must do a colon cleanse before your liver can be cleansed, because you will want your colon free and clear for toxins to pass and rid the body. Your liver goes through around 50,000 chemical reactions every single day! You don't want to tax your liver even more without cleansing the colon first hand.

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Cleansing before trying to conceive will help ensure that your body is free of toxins and chemicals and also helps aid in fertility chances. Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, DC; has had amazing and high success rate of couple who are dealing with infertility become pregnant after doing proper cleansing of the body. Pairing this with proper real food pre-conception diet will help ensure a baby. However, if it doesn't happen there may be other factors to look into.

I'm sure you have seen products that you take for a month or two that are supposed to clean out your colon and when you took them you we're a slave to the potty. You should not have been! Most times these commercial "colon cleanses" will cause runny stoles and you don't want that. You want bowel movements to be smooth, firm, long, and bulky. I know gross, but this is something that needs to be talked about. You need this while cleansing your colon, because the firm and bulkiness of the bowel movement is allowing for backed up matter and more to expel from your body. If your bm's we're runny, it's basically just water and stomach acids releasing, not a toxic colon. A proper colon cleanse can take up to 3 months, however some need 6-12 months, depending on how toxic their body and colon may be. You don't need to wait until your colon is completely cleansed before starting to cleanse other organs, though. We'll get to that.

You will know when colon is cleansed when what Dr. Bernard Jensen, describes as the lining coating the bowel; which is a black, long tube shape that holds together. It is consisted of backed up fecal matter that has been lining the walls of your colon for sometime, that has made proper functioning of your colon hear to impossible. Once you pass that, your colon will begin to operate and function properly as it should. When that happens your goals is achieved! So, did that make your grossed out? Which is more gross, having that in your body & keeping it around to fester, create problems & even cancer, or....get it the heck out of your body ASAP!? I'm going with the get it the heck out of my body ASAP! If you are not having at least 2-3 good bowel movements per day then you need a cleanse, as well as the other factors that are involved as described above. After being on the colon cleanse for about two weeks you can start with your kidneys; you would still continue to colon cleanse until lining comes out, but you can start cleansing other organs after 2 weeks.

How do I cleanse my colon:

Cleansing your colon requires a natural, super powerful cleansing program, lots of water, a healthy, real food diet. Young Living Essential Oils has the most amazing and natural colon cleansing kit that is available! It's truly genius! It contains detox herbs & essential oils, digestive enzymes, and herbs and fiber to help bulk up stoles and remove toxins and lining of colon. The Cleansing Trio is the tool you need to affectively achieve a good colon cleanse. However, there is a protocol that must be taken in order to achieve this. By getting in contact with me, will ensure that you get the proper, successful protocol that is available for proper colon cleansing. If you are wanting to start cleansing be sure to contact me to see how you can do so by getting essential oil coaching. You can also receive my do's and don'ts of colon cleansing as well.

After you have started cleansing your colon for 2 weeks you can then move on. Wednesday, I will be discussing cleansing your kidneys and liver. If you are wanting to start cleansing right away and jump on the band wagon, by having me coach you through this system you can have access to a support group that can help with your cleansing and fertility journey.

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