The science regarding motivation and determination

If you have been following the science regarding motivation and determination, you are probably aware that the last ten years or so of SDT (Self-Determination Theory) research has been centered around the topic of motivation. But what if the last ten years lead us on a path of rather untrue conclusions? How would that make you feel? -Lost perhaps?

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The chief meta analysis from 2014 showed that motivation is a not surprisingly multivariate but they didn't prove that it was a continuum as often proposed. This goes against many studies from the last decade looking at topics such as "self determined" (intrinsic) and "non-self determined" (extrinsic rewards). Could it be that this 2014 meta analysis punctured the richness of SDT and purpose? One of the basic concepts of SDT is to create motivational "boosts" based on finding out why people do what they do. Motivation is very complex and it takes careful practice and application with lots of different personalities to get an understanding of why people do what they do. So did the analysis debunk the myth completely? Maybe they did maybe they didn't! However this is something I personally have believed for a long time and has a lot of valid evidence in it.

It is of utmost importance to remember that we all have different memories, experiences, values and beliefs, and other personal traits such as attitude. It therefore becomes obvious that what might be true for one individual doesn't necessarily mean that it is true for another. Exercise or motivation it is the same principle across the board.

I strongly believe, and have had success with hundreds of people when starting with WHY. Athlete or not, starting with discovering their purpose in life, is very important when trying to construct a performance strategy plan for an individual.

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