What is pain???

Many of us have felt pain at some point or another, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual. It may be very hard to know if someone is in pain because many of us hide it so well. Many of us don't want others to see us in pain, for many reasons. Some of us and even people in our circles, may believe pain is a weakness, that maybe we are faking it, or we ourselves are not at the point in our lives to acknowledge that we have chronic pain. The problem with pain, any type, is that is hard to measure it accurately. This is because everyone handles pain differently, our bodies are different, and how we tolerate it is different. So my pain may be a 5, however that 5 I feel might send someone else to the emergency room.

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I have been in pain now for 10+ years. I was born with Spina Bifida but it didn't really affect me until I was 23 years old. I was a senior in college working on my Criminal Justice degree so I could work in Law Enforcement. After a tethered cord release lead to a complication of aspinal fluid leak, 10 surgeries later, I was finally able to leave the hospital. However, being in a hospital bed for long periods of time lead me to develop atrophy and I had to work hard with PT to walk and do things normally again. All of these surgeries lead to my diagnosis of CRPS/RSD and I also have anxiety and chronic migraines. I can totally relate to others who have chronic pain. I also have had a spectrum of pain, not only physical, but a range from emotional to spiritual and everything that I have mentioned above.

But it's how you handle your pain and what you do with it that really matters. You can set around and go into a major depression or you can learn to help people in a similar situation. What do you choose to do?

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