Inexpensive Patella Knee Braces

The latest, top of the range Patella Knee Braces can cost over $150. For those with mild Patellofemoral Pain, this can be an unnecessary expenditure.

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There is a range of braces that offer more modest levels of support but can be a very cost effective treatment in milder cases. These braces can can be bought online for less than $60 .

There are two different types of brace in this category.

Firstly there are the stabilizers. These basic braces look to place a raised buttress around the patella to resist any outwards movement of the kneecap. They do not actively push back the other way, they just make it harder for the patella to track abnormally. An example of this is the Procare Patella Stabilizer that can be bought for around $55

The other type are the active braces that push the patella medially. These we're the braces that originally showed the value of Patella Knee Braces. Now that there are braces offering a higher level of support they have become very economical. One of the best selling examples is the Donjoy Lateral "J", so named because of the J shaped buttress pushing against the patella.

If you manage everyday activities with occasional pain and are looking for some added support, this type of patella knee brace can be of assistance.

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