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The first step to overcoming cocaine addiction and making a full recovery is to recognize that you have a problem. Keep in mind that treatment can only be successfully undertaken if you acknowledge your condition and want to do something about it, such as to seek professional help. The question, however, is how you would be able to identify cocaine addiction in the first place. Below is a short checklist of signs and situations that could help you determine if you do have a drug problem.

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Personal life

You use drugs to forget the problems you encounter in your everyday life.

You think nothing more than drugs and greatly anticipate your next use of the substance.

You make promises of limiting your drug only to break this and consume even more of the substance.

You fell that you are powerless over your drug use.

Your drug use leaves you with strong feelings of greed, remorse, and a low self-esteem.

Changes in your behavior

You only feel the drugs desired drug effect when you increase the dosage you take.

You consciously isolate yourself to be able to take drugs while on your own.

You sacrifice money for food and bills just to furnish you supply of drugs.

You can expertly hide your drugs and protect your supply.

At times, you take drugs before attending a social even because of fear of being caught.

You lie a lot, especially about your drug use.

You take drugs during the day, early morning, and other such unsociable hours.

Changes in your relationship with other peoples and other environmental factors

You have a close relative who have previously struggled with either drugs or alcohol

You replaced your old group of friends to one that accepts your drug use.

You have had problems at home, school, or work because of your drug use.

Your friends have commented on how much drugs you take.

Get help now

Take time to carefully assess yourself based on the above mentioned signs and if you find three or more situations to be oddly familiar, it may be high time for you to seek professional help. Recovery centers can help you to recover from your addiction. Help is only a phone call away !!

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