How Do Patella Knee Braces Work?

A Patella knee brace works by applying a force to the kneecap. The patella has a tendency to drift towards the outside of the knee and this can cause it to rub up against the wall of the groove housing it, causing pain.

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Patella knee braces push back against the kneecap, resisting the outwards movement and decreasing the pressure on both the patella and groove wall.

In order to correct this abnormal patella movement, two things have to occur.

Firstly the brace needs to be anchored to the knee to give it a stable base. This is usually done with a combination of straps and the use of non-slip material on the inside of the brace.

Secondly, the brace then levers off this fixed component to apply the corrective force to the patella. If the brace is not stable on the knee the whole thing rotates and no force is applied.

Sizing is important as a patella knee brace that is too big will slip, one too small will be uncomfortable. Each different manufacturer has a different method of determining sizes so read the information carefully.

Some patella braces do not apply a corrective force but just try to resist and further outwards movement of the kneecap. These braces are cheaper and only suitable for very mild cases. They are identified by the lack of strapping going from the outside of the knee across towards the inside. They are also commonly called "Stabilizers" rather than braces.

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