What is Shakeology?

When I first learned about Shakeology, I thought it was just a protein shake, like most everyone else! I came to realize that it is so much more than a protein shake. Protein shakes are just that, shakes with only protein. Shakeology has over 70 super nutritious ingredients to make this the healthiest meal of the day.

So, what is Shakeology? Shakeology is a shake for everyone! A lot of people think that Shakeology is only for those wanting to lose weight. This is so not true! Even if you eat extremely healthy, you still are not getting all of the nutrients your body needs. If you have cravings, have a hard time concentrating, feel irritable and/or sluggish, these are all signs that you could be nutrient deficient. When you get the proper amount of nutrients in your body, you have more energy, you feel better and you have less cravings. That is where Shakeology comes into play. Shakeology gives you an entire days worth of nutrition. It is flexible in calories, so it fits everybodys needs! It is also the equivalent to 5 plates of salad, isn't that amazing?

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Shakeology is filled with superfoods from around the world. Why might you ask do we need a shake with superfoods in it for?

  1. Superfoods strengthen the immune system. Since I have been drinking Shakeology, I have rarely been sick since I started drinking this 1 year ago. Wouldnt you rather drink Shakeology, then get sick? That is a no brainer!
  1. Superfoods repair and restore the GI system. This causes more regularity, digestion is going to improve and you are going to be able to absorb the nutrients. I have IBS and since drinking Shakeology, I no longer have issues that are associated with IBS.
  1. Superfoods reduce chronic inflammation. Why is that important? The number 1 cause of every single disease starts with inflammation. Inflammation destroys cells and damages your immune system.

I love Shakeology because it is my one duh meal per day and it takes like a delicious milkshake without the added calories. Life just doesn't make sense without it. With my crazy busy life- work, my son, husband, etc. I need something that I can depend on every single day. Shakeology takes 60 seconds to make and has all the dense nutrition of 5 servings of salad all in a low calorie glass. The energy it provides this mama is insane and much needed! I also don't have to buy any more expensive vitamins because Shakeology has 23 vitamins and minerals, which is what your body needs to function for optimal health.

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