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It feels weird to say that fitness appears to be one of the latest fads, but it's true. It's as though this generation is more and more concerned with the condition of their health. Crossfit, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Color Runs, and many other events flood with participants which shows the growing popularity of fitness. I love this and think it's so awesome that so many people are concerning themselves with their health and I hope it not a fad that fades out, hopefully it's here to stay.

While noticing this trend, I also notice another trend in a typical American life that can be a direct detriment to your fitness goals. That's our eating habits. Typically people will fall into one of these 3 categories of eating and by becoming aware of it, you can fix it and see almost immediate results.

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1) The bored eater:This is the most common eating habit that plagues the most people. It often goes undetected and a lot of people don't realize they have a problem with it until the problem has gotten out of control. One of the best ways to combat bored eating is to find a hobby or something to preoccupy your free time that you're filling with food. Preferably pick something that will get you out of the house and off of the couch. The couch is where most of the damage is done for the bored eaters.

2) The sad eater: Sad eating is typically linked to some event or series of events that has caused someone to be saddened to the point where they feel as though they have no one or nothing to comfort them. Food becomes comfort, or so it seems. The feeling of having a full stomach is deceivingly comforting and brings a false sense of contentment. While everyone that is victim of sad eating is most likely effected by different situations, the outcome is the same. When caught up in times of sadness find a healthy way to express what you're feeling or going through such as talking with a friend or family, going for a walk and reflecting, writing, even blogging. While these options don't seem initially enticing, by making yourself aware that you need to break this cycle and finding something to break it with you'll feel much better about your health and perhaps even whatever situation saddened you.

3) The happy eater: This may sound odd but America definitely has a problem with happy eating . Think about it, any celebration or accomplishment is typically accompanied by copious amounts of food. This may perhaps be the hardest habit of the three to break because it's the hardest to detect. It has innocent intentions of dining with friends but do you really need that extra slice of pizza? This problem is notoriously associated with church goers. Every good church goer knows that you can bank on going out to eat with your friends after service. Is that really good for you, week after week? If you anticipate going out to eat, it's best to plan ahead and schedule your other meals accordingly. There have been many times where I'd eat just before I went to church then I'd end up eating again right after service just because that's where everyone was hanging out. This one is more subtle but it can still throw a wrench into your fitness progress. If you do go out frequently for whatever reason, try to make it a healthy choice.

There is a fine line between being content and being full. We we're never meant to eat until our stomachs can no longer store food. That's unhealthy in many ways. Manage your meals and eat appropriate sizes and your body will reward you for it.

By focusing on your eating habits in these regards you'll notice pretty quick results in how you feel. You may be able to breathe easier, have more energy, or have more motivation. These positive results can kick in as soon as 1 week.

If you still have a propensity to snack, plans snacks ahead of time. Healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, nuts or yogurt can benefit you, just properly ration your portion sized to avoid binge eating.

I guarantee you if you make it a point to realize the times that you're eating when you truly aren't hungry and cutting it out of your routine, your over all health will improve and you'll feel better about yourself. Give it a try!

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