10 Celebrities who regret plastic surgery

Some Hollywood celebrities, who became famous after suffering plastic surgeries, confessed their regrets after the surgical interventions. Let's see who they are.

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Lisa Rinna

Lisa says that when she stared in Melrose Place she enhanced her upper lip and this made her stand out. Still, Lisa reduced her lip a few years later because of some problems that made her mouth look weird.

Nicole Kidman

For years Nicole Kidman denied having done plastic surgery, even if she had Botox injections to hide her wrinkles. Recently, Nicole Kidman revealed the fact that she was never proud of the results and she stopped using Botox: " I feel better now. I can move my forehead" she said.

Kourtney Kardashian

"Nothing must be done because of an impulse" Kourtney said, who got a boob job when she was 22 and she ended up regretting it. " The idea hit me one day and nobody could convince me otherwise. It was stupid" Kourtney said, saying that when she turned 30 her bigger breasts caused her pain.

Heidi Montag

This blond girl, known for her huge breasts and for the impressive number of facial plastic surgeries, confessed that all of her interventions caused many scars. " I would like not to be this plastic barbie. The surgeries ruined by career and personal life and they we're a bad influence on my life. I want to be able to use a time machine to prevent this from happening" Heidi said.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie built a nice career for herself with the help of humor, but also with the help of her sensational body. Still, according to her, when she turned 40, she started to have liposuction, however they have not helped much. " Nobody is going to tell you that if you remove your fat from one side it will appear on another one. I now look worse".

Mickey Rourke

The actor became a professional boxer in 1991, sacrificing his beautiful face. Because of the injuries his face became asymmetrical so he decided to have plastic surgery, but he now regrets this. " I wanted to fix my face.

Kathy Griffin

The actress wanted beautiful legs, however the liposuction operation was unsuccessful and caused her ugly and permanent scars. Further more, when she was 26 she got a nose job but she says that this has not helped her career at all.

Priscilla Presley

The former wife of Elvis Presley wanted to look younger with the help of injections, but the doctor she used in 2003 told her that he has a product better than Botox. Unfortunately, this product was low quality silicone, illegally brought from Argentina and Priscilla Presley ended up looking worse.

Tara Reid

Tara remains in our memory as the celebrity with the ugliest breasts ever, after having the wrong kind of surgery in 2004. Two years later she had bad luck again: she got a hernia after having some work done on her abdomen.

Courtney Love

The singer confessed her regrets after the three plastic surgeries she had over time: ass liposuction, she increased her lips and had a nose nob. " You don't know what you had until you lose them" she said.


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