Motivation, Ambition and Perseverance

Sometimes a clear pathway can become obscured and you can lose sight from the main goals you set out with.When I started training, I created a map of the goals I wanted to achieve, what I needed to reach those goals and by what time I should have achieve those goals. M.A.P I speak of involves three concepts; Motivation, Ambition and Perseverance; with these three words at the front of my head, I continue forward achieving my goals.

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Motivation is different for each individual, mainly for personal reasons, without motivation you can easily become lazy or in simpler terms unmotivated. Staying focused plays a big part in this, no matter how hard something may seem or how many obstacles are in your way, If you have motivation you will be able to challenge those obstacles whilst staying focused.

Ambition leads on from motivation, where do you want to go?, if you wanted to go to food shopping, you'd have a route in your head, this plan leads up to the ambition. where do you want to be in maybe 5 years? make a list of the things you want to achieve in life, have a plan, be creative, these are your goals and this will add to your motivation, the hunger of wanting to achieve a goal that you've set yourself can become very frustrating to the point where you will do almost anything to achieve it, keep in mind your desires, they will satisfy you.

Perseverance means except when hear no, just go back to the drawing board and come with a different approach to get the yes. Be consistent, not once a week, if you have the time and are dedicated, every day. Passion helps do what you love, do what you enjoy, don't worry if some plans you have dated don't go off accordingly, stay focused and on point and you'll eventually get to see them achieved.

M.A.P doesn't only work for training, it works in life, I've been using my method for over a year now and have achieved goals I set myself and wake up feeling confident and refreshed everyday. Having the three aspects listed above in mind constantly when aiming to achieve great success or even little goals like a small promotion at work can make the entire journey seem much easier and enjoyable. If you're up to date with all the technology in 2014, then you'll know the gaming industry is growing, treat your goals as a game, have missions, be creative and still enjoy yourself, obviously real life is nothing like GTA 5 but you can still shape your future, remember you're in control.

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