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I have always loved ease of facial cleansing wipes, but the cost, not so much!! Even when you look at the store brand cleansing wipes, it can still cost you in the ballpark of $8!!! I can think of plenty of other things to be spending this money on.

My recent discovery of a fantastic homemade version will save tons of money and is also reusable!!!! This particular recipe is soothing and invigorating and very gentle on my not so easy to deal with skin.

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2 cups of distilled water - it is important to use distilled water to prevent bacteria growth

1 tablespoon melted coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil

5 drops of Melaleuca A Essential Oil

5 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

Optional - a few drops of vitamin e or aloe

Old towel


Cut up old towel into small squares. I cut mine to be about 2" x 2" squares. Set these aside for just a moment.

Pour the coconut oil in a large bowl and add the essential oils and vitamin e/aloe, if using. Give it a quick stir to combine, then add the distilled water. Stir thoroughly at this point.

Layer your cut squares in the bowl to soak up the solution. I put in 4-6 squares at a time and pushed them around a bit to make sure they we're saturated. Once done, transfer to jar or container that provides a good seal, if not, they will dry out. Keep adding the towels to the bowl until you are done with all our squares. If you have any solution left over, pour over top of towels in jar. Seal jar and store a room temperature.

My choices for essential oils in this recipe we're grapefruit and melaleuca for their ability to help fight the occasional break out.

The best part of this whole recipe is the fact that these towels are reusable. I have mesh bag (you know those zippered lingerie bags) hanging on the table beside my bed, so when I finish wiping my makeup off, I just drop the towel in the bag, then drop the bag in the laundry. It's that easy.

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